Education Partners

Why partner with DDD?

The Dashboard is of great benefit not only to education officials but also to many education organisations working in the basic education system. The Dashboard saves NGOs and educations partners time with conducting monitoring and evaluation, it also allows them to guide their interventions into more impactful spaces and it can complement existing intervention methodologies.

DDD also partners with other CSI funders and philanthropic organisations in providing them with tailored Dashboard views of the schools in their programmes.

Successful Partnerships

Penreach Courageous Leadership Development Programme (PCLDP)

Penreach recognised the value of the Dashboard as a tool to improve decision making in schools and circuits. The organisation decided the DDD approach could benefit its leadership programme and built in a DDD module for Principals, Deputies and Heads of Department. It conducted training and coaching on the Dashboard with school and circuit officials and gained many benefits from the Dashboard in the implementation of its programme.

Old Mutual Education Flagship Project (OMEFP)

In 2016, the Old Mutual Education Flagship Project implemented DDD in its Limpopo schools and circuit and subsequently scaled this up to two additional OMEFP locations in the Eastern Cape. The Dashboard is currently used by school management mentors to conduct performance analysis sessions with School Management Teams and by curriculum support consultants to guide their interventions and conversations with learners and educators. The Dashboard’s data has also proved invaluable for project monitoring, reporting and unpacking its quantitative impact.


BRIDGE aims to support and capacitate school principals in their roles as instructional leaders with the aim of improving school functionality and enabling productive teaching and learning. The DDD Dashboard presented a natural fit for BRIDGE’s programme as it covers several areas of whole school improvement. The Dashboard has been adopted as an integral tool for principals’ communities of practice (CoP). The integration of the DDD Dashboard into the CoPs has helped drive more active participation by principals in the sessions.

Dashboard Access for Education Partners

The DDD Programme has established NGO and funder access protocols with Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Limpopo. If you are interested in applying for access, please contact

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